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At Speedy Grass & Nursery LLC, we know that the people of Houston all want a beautiful lawn. Lawns can enhance a family’s quality of life, increase property value, assist other plant life and contribute to a property’s overall curb appeal. Lawns can make the ground softer too, which is ideal for outdoor family get-togethers. And it is also great for young children. After all, we want kids to be kids and they will wrestle, roll, and tumble. We don’t want them to have to worry about hurting themselves at every turn. Why not give them a safe, cushy landing?

A healthy lawn is also good for the environment. It may sound obvious, but its green benefits are probably greater than you think. For starters, quality turf or sod helps produce clean oxygen. Grass acts as a natural filter, which improves the air you and your family breathe. Lawns also provide soil erosion control, protect groundwater, and absorb greenhouse gases. The benefits are endless.

That is why Speedy Grass & Nursery LLC provides top-quality nursery sod for all residents of Houston.

Greener Pastures With Professional Sodding

If you have a home that has a less-than-desirable yard, or a dying lawn, maybe you are considering seeding your yard. Dropping grass seeds on your lawn can contribute to the growth of a new lawn, but it is a long process that requires a lot of time and patience. If the lawn doesn’t get enough water, the grass might not even grow! Lots of things can go wrong, especially when you try to grow it yourself.

But there’s another way to achieve a beautiful lawn: sodding.

Sodding is a mature grass covering for lawns of all shapes and sizes. There are many different kinds of sodding, and we have all the options available for you. If you call Speedy Grass & Nursery LLC for your sodding needs, one of our ‘green thumb’ team members will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to determine what sod would be best for your property’s soil type, drainage, slope and land size.

Trust the Professional Planet Nursery Team

Speedy Grass & Nursery LLC grows our sod in eco-friendly, green conditions for a year until it is fully matured and ready for installation, or ‘laying’ as we call it in the industry. You might be asking, ‘why wouldn’t I just seed it myself?’ Well, there are a lot of reasons you might not want to take the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach with your lawn. First off, when you work with us, your lawn can be installed in several hours. With proper care, it will be ready for regular use in as little time as three weeks!

Seeding your yard yourself seems tempting, but it can just be too big of an investment of time and energy for some families in Houston. Although the initial costs may seem appealing, so many things can go wrong which will only increase costs.

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